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NISHIYAMA immigration service

Japan VISA Applcation ​support service via API

(For organizations)

Coming in Feb.2024

In Japan's economy, where the birthrate is ​declining and the population is aging, the need ​for foreign labor is only increasing.

Please leave it to the Nishiyama Immigration ​Service for the application work related to the ​certification of residence status to obtain ​landing permission, the extension of the period ​of stay to continue staying legally, and the ​change of residence status.

The Immigration Bureau has started accepting ​applications online using the Online Residence ​Application System since July 2019 for immigration ​applications, which previously required huge ​waiting times to submit application documents at ​regional immigration bureau counters. From April ​2022, they released the online residence ​application API.

By utilizing a system using this API, our office has ​built a process that streamlines application ​operations to the utmost for companies and ​organizations that utilize foreign resources, and ​can quickly and efficiently handle large numbers of ​applications.

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Large-volume, quick, and inexpensive

After you submit the application form template, photo, and supporting ​documents, our office's immigration operations are fully automated. For ​this reason, we are able to quickly handle the application intermediation ​procedures in large quantities, and the fees for each procedure are also ​extremely low. (1,2)

Application with no defects

Required and related checks for application items based on the ​Immigration Agency's online residence application specifications are ​incorporated into the application form template (Excel). This ​eliminates the work associated with resubmitting applications due to ​incomplete application forms, streamlining administrative work.

Real-time inquiry of reception/exam status

Regardless of whether the new force is foreign or not, it is important to ​correctly assess the timing of the start of operations of new forces. You ​can check the latest status, such as whether your application has been ​accepted by the Immigration Bureau, on the website for members of ​the Nishiyama Immigration Service.

  1. We will conduct remote interviews with foreign nationals themselves.
  2. If there are certain circumstances regarding his/her status of residence, ​eligibility for landing permission criteria, or status of residence, we will ​provide you with an individual quote.
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Foreign National

Nishiyama Immigration ​Service

Immigration ​Bereau

Data entry to ​Excel Application ​Templ​ate

Submit via API






Reflect status on ​the ​System

Inquire status of ​reception/exami​nation

Data entry to Excel ​Application Template

Organization/Foreign National

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  • Comfortable operation using Excel ​templates
  • Avoid application defects by checking ​required items and relationships ​between items based on Immigration ​Agency specifications
  • It is also possible to output the ​application form (for reference ​purposes)
  1. Please email us the Excel template, facial photo image (jpg format), and proof materials required for each status of residence to our office.

Submit via API

Nishiyama Immigration Service

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  • Convert application data (Excel template, ​face photo, and supporting documents) ​into a format that complies with API ​specifications and send it to the ​Immigration Bureau.
  • Store sent data on the website for ​members of "Nishiyama Immigration ​Service" (1,2)
  1. After submitting the application data, you can ​inquire about the reception and screening status ​with the accepting company/organization or the ​foreigner himself/herself.
  2. No personal information is stored.
  3. Prior to application, we will conduct a remote ​interview with the foreign national. (Japanese or ​English)


Immigration Bereau

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  • Link application data to the ​online residence application ​system
  • Examination by immigration ​inspector

Reflect status on the ​System

Nishiyama Immigration Service

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  • Constant monitoring of the ​Immigration Agency's server to ​obtain the latest ​reception/examination status ​and examination results and ​reflect them on the website for ​members of the "Nishiyama ​Immigration Service"

Inquire status of ​reception/examination

Organization/Foreign National

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Reception/examination status and ​examination results can be viewed ​on the website for members of ​"Nishiyama Immigration Service".

  1. The Certificate of Eligibility will be sent directly ​by email from the Immigration Bureau to the ​person in charge of the accepting ​company/organization.
  2. For applications for extension of period of stay ​and change of status of residence, a permission ​email will be sent to the foreign national from ​the Immigration Bureau, so please bring the ​email with foreign national to the designated ​immigration bureau to receive his/her ​residence card.
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